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This glaze was a special request that has become a favorite with all of our customers. We use real orange juice to insure a fresh orange taste.


Our signature C-Roll, a rich vanilla bean glaze with the classic brown sugar and cinnamon flavors. The perfect cinnamon roll.


Combination of sweet, savory, and salty that is just simply amazing and addictive. A huge favorite and most requested flavor.


Homemade buttery caramel glaze with salt flakes is the perfect addition to our signature cinnamon roll.


I absolutely LOVE the Apple! They have nailed it with this one. The dough was fluffy enough and the glaze was consistent and exquisitely thin without breaking and shattering when bitten into. (Which is a deal breaker for me) Flavor was full and not overpowering at all, meaning it is a perfect pastry for either hot chocolate or coffee, depending on your preference. We will definitely be going back!

Bill C.

I want to get the word out there that these cinnamon rolls are the best ones I’ve ever had, and I’ve been to several states. These even beat Cold Stone Bakery in Minnesota!


All the cinnamon rolls you made for me before Christmas were divine!! The people I brought them to all commented on how good they were. What I like about them is that you can put them in the frig, take it out, heat it for 10 seconds or less, and it’s fresh and new. I love them and will definitely be ordering from you again.


The orange flavor C-rolls are die for. They are delicious cold or warm. The orange flavor is so refreshing not too sweet and not too tangy, just perfect.  I would eat the for breakfast any time but for sure in the summer!! They are now one of my favorite cinnamon rolls.     The vanilla C-rolls are also very good. I love that fact that you can taste the vanilla which is a change from the traditional cream cheese or just white sugar glazed. The vanilla adds a smooth taste to them. I can see these being used in bridal or baby showers. Another new favorite for me.